Registration information

Find details below on how to register at Ƶ.

To view your schedule:

  • Log in to your 
  • Click on Registration > Registration and Schedule > View Your Schedule 

The main page contains two panels.
The top panel, depending on which tab you click, opens View Schedule or Ungraded Courses.
The bottom panel, you will see your Schedule (a calendar view of your classes) and Schedule Details. 

The College does not send out an invoice listing your tuition fees. It is your responsibility as the student to check your fees and the Important Dates and Deadlines to make sure you pay your tuition fees on time. The fee payment deadline is strictly enforced. Not meeting these deadlines or not paying in full will result in either de-registration of all courses and removal from all waitlists OR late payment penalties.

To check your fees:

  • Log in to your
  • Click on Registration > View and Pay Tuition Fees

For more instructions see: Paying Your Fees.

Remember, your access is restricted at certain times during the registration period. Please check the Important Dates and Deadlines for the dates when the system opens for all students.  

Fall 2024 - Make sure you are familiar with the Refund Policy before making any changes to your registration as the refund policy will be strictly enforced. 

To drop/withdraw from classes: 

  • Log in to your  
  • Click on Registration > Registration and Schedule > Register for Classes > Select a term
  • Under Summary on the bottom right of the screen, find the class you wish to remove. 
  • Using the Action pull-down menu, depending on the time frame noted below, select DROP / DROP – LATE REGISTRATION / WITHDRAW and click Submit
  • Check the Status of the class to make sure you successfully dropped/withdrew.   

The dates below are based on standard courses of fifteen weeks in duration, starting on the first calendar week of the semester.

For specific refund details related to courses that have different durations and start dates, please see the information on refunds for courses that are less or more than 15 weeks in duration.

June 25 to September 09, 2024 If you drop or change a section of a course during this period, you will receive a 100% tuition and fee refund.  
You should finalize changes to your schedule before the 7th calendar day of the semester, to ensure you will receive a full refund. 

The option under the Action pull-down menu at this time is DROP.

Note: New Fall 2024 international students must refer to Refund Information For New First-Semester International Students

Late Registration: 

September 10 to 16, 2024 

If you drop or change a section of a course during this period, you will receive a 50% tuition refund per class dropped, even if you replace your class or change sections of a course. 

Classes dropped between the 8th and 14th calendar day of the semester, will not appear on your permanent record. The registration system will not allow you to drop from waitlists at this time. 

The option under the Action pull-down menu at this time to drop is DROP – LATE REGISTRATION.

September 17 to November 04, 2024 If you withdraw from a class, during this period, you are not eligible for a refund and the course will be recorded on your permanent record with a grade of "W", which does not count towards your GPA. 

The option under the Action pull-down menu at this time to withdraw is WITHDRAW.

Class withdrawals are not permitted after the 9th week of the semester.

The registration system will NOT prevent students from registering in classes that conflict (run on the same day and time or at different campuses). It is your responsibility as the student to check your Schedule for time conflicts and make the necessary adjustments.  

On your myAccount, you can find a detailed Schedule calendar highlighting and colour-coding the days and times for all your registered and waitlisted classes. Go to Register > Registration and Schedule > Register for Classes and look at the bottom left where your Schedule is displayed.  
Make sure you are familiar with the Refund Policy before making any changes to your registration as the refund policy will be strictly enforced. 

Ƶ offers many courses at several different times during the week so students can find it easier to fit all their courses into their schedules. The different times that a course is offered are called sections.  

When changing one course for another, be sure to add the new course before you drop the old one. You may find the course you want to add is not available. If the course is available, don't forget to drop the course you don't want to keep.

Important Note: If you are replacing one section for a different section of the same course, you must drop the one you don't want before adding the new one. You must ensure there is space available in the section you want. Once you have dropped your original choice, you may not be able to get it back (even if there is no space in the other section).  

You may wish to use the Conditional ADD/DROP tool (see below) to help with changing sections.  
Make sure you are familiar with the Refund Policy before making any changes to your registration, including changing section, as the refund policy will be strictly enforced.

Check Conditional Add/Drop when you want to drop a course from your schedule on the condition that you can register a new course or enter a waitlist to your schedule without error.  

Make sure you are familiar with the Refund Policy before making any changes to your registration as the refund policy will be strictly enforced. 

Auditing a course requires normal application, registration and fee payment. The notation Audit is placed on the student's permanent record, beside each course audited, if classes are attended regularly. Poor attendance results in a grade of W. Usually, auditing students are not required to complete assignments, tests or examinations. 

All students will be registered as credit students. A student has until the end of the second week of classes (Friday) to change their status from credit to audit. This change must be done by submitting the Audit Agreement form.

Ƶ, under the conditions and procedures listed below, makes available to students an alternative to regular classroom instruction when this is appropriate and feasible. The alternative allows completion of courses by independent study, under the guidance of a College faculty member, and consistent with current College policies. 

  • A guided study course is approved only under special circumstances, such as where a course is not currently offered this semester, a student is unable to attend a regular course offering, or the course is intended to be delivered by independent study. 
  • The regular course fees will apply in all cases. 
  • Only courses listed in the Program and Course Catalogue may be adapted for guided study. Students must register for a course in the Catalogue and the goals and objectives of the course must remain unchanged. 
  • Students are responsible for approaching the instructor or relevant Department Chair/Coordinator to request a guided study.  
  • A Ƶ instructor must be willing and available to participate with the particular student before the contract is approved. 
  • The Dean’s approval is required before a guided study course can commence. 
  • Grades awarded for courses offered in guided study format will follow the normal grading policies at the College. 
  • Due to fee payment arrangements for the instructor's services, there are no refunds once a guided study course has started. 
  • If students are registered for other courses during the current semester, the additional guided study course(s) must not cause the student to exceed the normal permitted academic load. 

Note: For the benefit of students, the above information is provided by Enrolment Services. Anyone requiring information on the full policy and procedure should consult with the Department Head.

Student Success Advisors are available to provide academic advising for domestic and international students.