Late registration

Late Registration takes place between the 8th and 14th calendar days of each semester. This applies to regular courses that are 15 weeks in length.

Fall 2024 Semester - Late Registration
(September 10 to 16, 2024)

Registering for Classes

During the late registration period, you will only be allowed to register for a course if you received a LATE REGISTRATION OVERRIDE from the instructor. The override will expire after 24 hours, make sure to complete your registration as soon as possible. 
Please respect that instructors have the right to decide how many additional students they will let into their course.
No waitlist offers will be sent during this period. 

To register for a course using a Late Registration Override: 

  • On your myAccount, check > Registration Prepare for Registration page to verify that your instructor entered the Late Registration Override for your course. If you do not have a note about the course under Permit Override, you will not be allowed to register. Please contact your instructor. Again, the instructor will decide if they are willing to accept any students. Not all students will receive an override to register.  
  • After you confirm that you have a Late Registration Override, go to Register for Classes.  
  • If you are on the waitlist, use the Action pull-down menu to change your status to **Registered**.
  • If you are NOT on the waitlist, add your course and register as usual. 
  • To complete registration, you must click on Submit under Summary.
  • Check the Status of the course to make sure your course is fully registered. 

Dropping Classes

If you drop or change a section of a course during this period, you will receive a 50% tuition refund per class dropped, even if you replace your class or change sections of a course. Classes dropped between the 8th and 14th calendar day of the semester, will not appear on your permanent record.
The registration system will not allow you to drop from waitlists at this time.
The option under the Action pull-down menu at this time to drop is Drop – Late Registration.

Note: New Summer 2024 international students must refer to Refund Information For New First-Semester International Students

Make sure you are familiar with the Refund Policy before making any changes to your schedule, during and after Late Registration, as the refund policy will be strictly enforced. If you drop or withdraw from any class on or after the 8th calendar day of the semester and you have not made any payments toward your account, you still owe Ƶ tuition and/or fees.


After Late Registration

Withdrawing from Classes - September 17 to November 04, 2024

If you withdraw from a class, during this period, you are not eligible for a refund and the course will be recorded on your permanent record with a grade of "W", which does not count towards your GPA. The option under the Action pull-down menu at this time to withdraw is Withdraw.

Withdrawing from Classes - November 05, 2024, onwards

Class withdrawals are not permitted after the 9th week of the semester.

For any other registration inquiries after the late registration period, please contact Enrolment Services.  

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