Transfer credit FAQ

Review frequently asked questions below about Ƶ transfer credit.

Published deadlines are as follows:

  • For Fall Term - requests must be received by April 15th
  • For Winter Term - requests must be received by September 15th
  • For Summer Term - requests must be received by January 16th

If you have met the above deadlines, every effort will be made to have your transfer credit completed for the term indicated. However, if you are submitting course outlines or have submitted a request for an exception for transfer credit, you are strongly advised to submit these 3 months prior to the start of registration, as they can take up to 3 months to be processed, or longer during peak periods.

A general rule requests submitted for courses completed at most BC institutions are processed within 2-3 weeks.

An e-mail will be sent to your Office 365 email account when your transfer credit is done.

To view your results, you must login to your student self-service account via Application and Registration Services and go to Student Records - where you can view your Transfer Credit Evaluation Summary. Your summary will indicate courses that have received transfer credit and any comments or notes that have been made to you about courses that have not received credit. If you have submitted detailed course outlines and the results of the evaluation have not yet been completed, you will be notified by your Office 365 email account as these are returned from the faculty evaluator and entered on your record.

The results of your transfer credit evaluation will be posted to your record once completed. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks processing time. Every effort is made to complete transfer credit requests that have been submitted by the semester deadline, but it is not always possible to meet these deadlines.

You must fill out a Transfer Credit Request Form and submit an official transcript from the AP College Board or IB-International Baccalaureate. Information regarding how your courses may transfer to Ƶ can be found on the BC Transfer Guide , under Transfer Search>High School Transfer> Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate. Please note any dates and minimum scores required for transfer.

If you received Unassigned Credit (i.e. ENGL 1XXX) this indicates that the course transfers, but is not equivalent to a specific course at Ƶ. The use of the unassigned credits MAY be applied towards meeting general electives, but not necessarily specific program/graduation requirements. Unassigned Credit does not satisfy pre-requisites for courses.

Prior to January 01, 2010 Ƶ used a credit for credit system. If the credits earned for a course completed at another institution were less than the credits assigned to the Ƶ equivalent you would receive Exemption Without Credit for the Ƶ course and Unassigned Credit that would match the credits granted by the other institution.

Example: SFU Math 100 (3) credits transfers to Ƶ MATH 1110 (4) credits - your transfer credit would appear as follows:

Math 1110 Exemption Without Credit 0.00 credits

Math XXXX Unassigned Credit Mathematics 4.00 credits

As of January 01, 2010 the transfer credit policy has changed. Ƶ will award credits according to the credits established for the equivalent course at Ƶ.

Yes, if you believe we may offer an equivalent course you may submit detailed course outlines for review. Please see Submitting Detailed Course Outlines on the website. NOTE: Submitting detailed course outlines is not a guarantee that you will receive transfer credit (either direct or unassigned).

No, transfer credit will be awarded on all courses for which we have approved equivalencies. Only those courses that meet the minimum acceptable grade of D or P are transferred to your Ƶ record. Failed courses are not transferred or recorded on your record.

No, transfer credits are recorded separately on your student record and are not included in your Ƶ GPA calculation.

Receiving transfer credit for your Adult Basic Education courses depends on whether the course is listed in the ABE transfer guide as receiving credit at Ƶ: The ABE Transfer table can be found at:

Courses that do not receive transfer credit but are equivalent are noted on your Ƶ record (these will NOT appear on your official transcript) and may be used to meet pre-requisite requirements for other courses or for admission purposes.

In some instances the ABE courses transfer as a group (two courses are required); therefore, if your transcript shows only one of these courses completed no credit will be granted.

If you have completed ABE courses at another institution and require them for pre-requisite purposes, please complete a Transfer Credit Request Form.

We typically do not provide students with information about course transfer unless they have already taken a course. Transfer articulation is an ongoing process and transfer agreements change all time. The information we give you is accurate at the time you request it; however, there is no guarantee that it will remain unchanged in the future.

If you require courses to be transferred to meet pre requisites for registration, please contact the instructor of the course you wish to register by e-mail or phone (see the Faculty Directory) and request a pre-requisite override to allow you to register in the course. NOTE: Overrides are at the discretion of the instructor/department and are only valid for one semester.

Submitting your official post secondary transcript was necessary for admissions purposes. If you have taken courses at other institutions and believe these courses would satisfy pre-requisites for courses at Ƶ then you must submit a Transfer Credit Request Form to have your courses evaluated and transferred in time for registration.

Please note that the Ƶ Nursing and Psychiatric Nursing departments do not allow transfer credit for courses within their programs (any courses with subject NURS or PNUR). Only courses in subjects other than NURS or PNUR will be evaluated for transfer credit (ie. courses completed as part of the Academic Foundations years for these programs may be transferred if articulations exist, or can be established). Time limits will apply.

Psychiatric Nursing Degree Completion students should refer to the program webpage for information regarding transfer credit for this program.