Prepare for Registration

The Prepare for Registration tool provides you with information about your academic status, academic holds, registration time ticket (when to register) permit overrides, and whether you need to address an issue before you are able to register for classes.

To check your status before registration

  • Log in to your  
  • Click on Registration > Registration and Schedule &; Prepare for Registration > Select a term 

Each semester, the registration cycle begins with 14 days known as priority registration. During priority registration, you are assigned a registration time ticket that reflects the first available date and time that you can access the registration system.
You can view your registration time ticket on your  up to one month before registration starts.  You may register for classes any time on or after your time ticket, but not earlier. 
Time tickets cannot be changed. Requests for an earlier time ticket will not be accepted.  &Բ;

  • For newly admitted students: Your registration time ticket is assigned based on your acceptance date to the College.
  • For returning students: Your registration time ticket is assigned based on your cumulative or overall grade point average (GPA) and program of study.
  • Students who do not register for courses within their first semester (admitted term), will not receive a registration time ticket for the following semester. These students will be required to re-apply for their program of interest to receive a new time ticket.  
  • Students who do not register for courses for 3 consecutive semesters will not receive a registration time ticket for the following semester. These students will be required to re-apply for their program of interest to receive a new time ticket.  
PriorityStudent TypeApproximate Registration Date
1First-semester new students
- By the acceptance date
Day 1 - 4
2Limited enrolment programs Day 5 - 6
3Second-semester new students - By the acceptance dateDay 7
4Returning students - By GPADay 7 - 14


Many courses at Ƶ require the completion of pre-requisites before registration. A pre-requisite is a course, assessment test or transfer credit that must exist on your record, or be in progress, before registering for the next course.  &Բ;
For example, to register in ACCT 1210, you need to have taken ACCT 1110 or currently have ACCT 1110 in progress. &Բ;

Make sure that you have met all pre-requisites before registration. The registration system will not permit registration in a course unless the pre-requisites have been met or are currently in progress. &Բ;
There are two ways to find pre-requisites: &Բ;

  1. Explore Programs and Courses on the website by selecting the course you are interested in; or

  2. When using the Browse Classes tool, click on the Title of the Course. A pop-up window will open and in the first section called Section Notes & Pre-reqs, there will be a direct link to the website for all the course details including the pre-requisites for the course.

In-Progress Pre-requisite Courses

If you are currently completing a course at Ƶ that is a pre-requisite for a course you are trying to enrol in, the system will let you register/waitlist for the course and your status will show Registered/Waitlisted. If you meet the pre-requisite, when the final grade for the current course is received, no changes will be made to your registration. If you do not meet the pre-requisite, based on your final grade, the system will automatically de-register you from the course. &Բ;The minimum grade required to meet your pre-requisite is C- unless stated otherwise on the course page. Note: Check your registration after grades have been submitted for the specific semester. 
A grade of "I" (Incomplete) does not qualify as a course pre-requisite. If you are aware, you will receive an "I" grade in a pre-requisite course, then you must request departmental permission to continue in the course that is dependent on the pre-requisite. Permission must be requested before the ‘I’ grade is entered on your record. Permission must come from the teaching department, not Enrolment Services.

High School Students

High school applicants that have been conditionally accepted for Fall semesters will be permitted to register in courses with high school prerequisites before their final grades are submitted. Final grades will be reviewed at the end of July or early August. Students conditionally admitted in this category are encouraged to check their registration in mid-August after their final transcript has been received.

Transfer Credit for Post-Secondary Courses

If you have taken courses at other post-secondary institutions and would like to use them as pre-requisites, a Transfer Credit Request Form must be submitted to Enrolment Services, along with an official post-secondary transcript(s).
Transfer Credit requests may take approximately two to three weeks to process, and up to three months for courses taken at post-secondary institutions out of province or out of Canada that require detailed course outlines to be evaluated. Visit Transfer your Credits for more information.

Assessment Test 

Some courses will give the option to meet pre-requisites by taking an assessment test. You can check the available schedule for your desired assessment test exam by using the Browse Classes tool.
To book your assessment, please contact Enrolment Services well in advance of registering for courses. Visit  Assessment Testing  for more information.

If you would like to change your program:  

  • Review the program information HERE  
  • If the admissions type is “Open or Open-Plus”, fill out the  
  • If the admissions type is “Limited”, you will need to re-apply for admission, and the regular application fee will apply.  

Please note: If you are changing from a limited to an open enrolment program, this may affect your registration time ticket.

In extraordinary circumstances, a department or faculty member may grant special permission to register in a course for which you do not have or cannot prove prerequisite compliance. You are responsible for obtaining this special permission from the department. Special permission must be obtained well before you register in the course.


If you register for a course with a co-requisite, you must register in both courses at the same time or you will be dropped from that course without notice. If you receive an error message, please check your registration information to ensure you are trying to register in the correct combination of courses. This information is available online using the Browse Classes tool. &Բ;

Linked Courses (Labs and Tutorials) 

If you are registering in a course that requires a lab or tutorial section, this information will be linked on the Browse Classes tool under Status. For example, for MATH 2232: you must ALSO register in MATH 2232 T01 or T02 sections. Register in one of the listed Tutorial Sections (section starts with T for Tutorial and L for Lab) as registration in the lecture section does not register you in the linked (lab / tutorial) section. Tutorials and Lab sections have their own CRN. &Բ;

Courses that are linked (lecture+lab or lecture+tutorial) will gather a waitlist on only the lecture or lab/tutorial CRN. When a space becomes available, you can register in both the lecture and lab/tutorial, based on the single waitlist offer, as long as registration is done within the offer window. 

You may register for the same course as a credit or audit no more than two times. Students in Mastery evaluated courses may register three times unless the individual Department or Discipline has a different policy. A student who withdraws and receives a final grade of ‘W’ will be considered to have "registered". Students may request permission to repeat a course by completing a Request to Repeat a Course form. &Բ;

If you are repeating a course, you have already passed it is not eligible for student loan funding. &Բ;

Some programs at Ƶ have a specific course load that students are allowed to register for in one semester. Most programs have a maximum number of credits of 17.5 per semester. 
If you wish to register for more than the allowed course load, you must first obtain permission from the Registrar or Associate Registrar by submitting the Credit Limit Increase Request form.

The registration system will prevent you from registering in an overload unless permission has been granted before the registration occurs.

If you are on academic probation, you are limited to 9 credits per semester. Credit Limit Increase Requests will not be accepted until you are off academic probation.

If you have any of the following holds on your account, you will be prevented from registering. Holds apply to any student who has: &Բ;

  • An outstanding fee balance (e.g., tuition, NSF charges, bookstore purchases.) &Բ;
  • Outstanding library fees or books &Բ;
  • Failed to return physical education equipment &Բ;
  • Not submitted a final secondary school transcript &Բ;
  • Not returned keys to the Music Department &Բ;
  • Outstanding items in the Psychology Lab &Բ;
  • Been placed on academic probation &Բ;

Holds can be placed on your record at any time. You may be able to do an initial registration but find subsequent access is denied because of a hold on your record. &Բ;

Holds may take up to one full week to release once you have cleared the obligation. Please be aware that an un-cleared hold can delay registration, resulting in not being able to register for courses you want or drop a course by a specific deadline. You should clear any holds well before registration as releases cannot be processed in less than one week. You can check your holds on your . &Բ;

As Ƶ student, you are required to meet a minimum academic standard while pursuing your studies. Students who do not meet this standard are placed on academic probation.  

If you are on academic probation, a registration hold for the following semester will be placed on your account. You must contact your Student Success Advisor to discuss your academic standing or send an email to to request an appointment.  &Բ;
If you do not meet with a Student Success Advisor, you will not be able to access your student record or register for future semesters.  &Բ;

Check if you have any holds before registration begins by logging into your and clicking on the Prepare for Registration link. 

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