Commerce and Business Program Readiness Assessment (CBAR)

Summer 2024

Your Commerce and Business Program Readiness Assessment (CBAR) will be offered in-person using Blackboard for the Fall semester. Registration must be done 72 (business) hours in advance because you will need to complete the Tech Set Up Test found under Course Content in Blackboard to ensure you have working access before your scheduled date and time.

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If you DO NOT have proof of either: 

  •  B.C. Foundations of Math 11 or B.C. Principles of Math 11 (C grade or higher),
  • MATU 0410 (formerly DVST 0410, C grade or higher)
  • or MATU 0411 (formerly DVST 0411, C grade or higher)

you must take the Commerce and Business Program Readiness Assessment in order to register into any Commerce and Business courses or programs.

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What to bring to the test

Please bring:

  • Your Ƶ student number, photo identification (driver's license, passport, or Ƶ student card),
  • A pen and pencil.  
  • Scratch paper to be destroyed when you complete the test.

Calculators are not permitted for this test (electronic or otherwise).

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What it tests

The test consists of questions drawn from topics such as:

  • calculating percents
  • solving proportions
  • performing operations with integers, following the correct order of operations
  • performing addition, subtraction, multiplication of polynomials
  • simplifying algebraic expressions: rational expressions, expressions with positive or negative integer exponents
  • solving equations: linear, rational, literal
  • solving word problems which yield linear equations
  • evaluating algebraic expressions and formulas
  • determining slope: given two points on a line
  • determining the equation of a straight line in slope-intercept form
  • solving systems of linear equations (two variables)
  • solving word problems which yield a system of two linear equations
  • graphing linear equations in two variables
  • read and interpret linear and non-linear graphs

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Preparation for the test

Books entitled Introductory, Basic or Intermediate Algebra can help you review for the test.  Local libraries have these available. To help exemplify what one should be prepared for, please see test practice question:

William owns a watch repair shop. He has found that the cost of operating his shop is given by c = x2 - 22x + 40, where c is the cost in dollars, and x is the number of watches repaired. How many watches must he repair to have the lowest cost?

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Format of the test

This is a 20 question multiple-choice test which takes approximately one hour to complete. You will pass with a score of 14 or higher. If you score 12 or 13 you will be permitted to rewrite after two months. If you score from 11-13 you can register into MATU 0410. If you score 10 or less will be required to write the MATU assessment for placement. If you score 10 or less you will be permitted to rewrite the assessment again after 1 year.

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Test results

The invigilator will give you your test results once the exam is completed and marked.  Results go directly on your computerized student record but you should keep your copy of the results in case you must register in person during the first two weeks of class.

Assessments completed via Blackboard will normally have results emailed to you and entered onto your student record 72 (business) hours after completion.

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Test policy

14 or higherPass the assessment.
12-13Permitted to rewrite after two months.
11-13You can register into MATU 0410.
10 or less

Required to write the MATU assessment for placement.

You will be permitted to rewrite the assessment after 1 year.

You may take an assessment test for admission to courses and/or programs a maximum of two times within a two year period. You must wait 1 year between tests.  If you believe extenuating circumstances exist you may contact Assessment Services to request special consideration or exemption to this policy.

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Test Schedule

Please follow the steps on - Assessment Testing Information to book your exam.

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How to book an Assessment

Visit page How to book an Assessment page.

Please note that registration or cancellation of assessments must be done 24 (business) hours in advance of the scheduled date and time.

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Registration schedule

Summer 2024

In-person testing between May 1 and August 31, 2024 as per scheduled date, time and location. Go to .