Grading FAQ

Review frequently asked questions below about Ƶ grading.

For details please see the Grading Policy.

For details please see the Grading Policy.

For details please refer to the evaluation policy.

Grade Point Average

There are 3 types of Grade Point Averages (GPA):

  • Term GPA: This is the sum of the grade points earned in a semester divided by the number of credits taken in that semester
  • Cumulative GPA: This is the sum of the grade points earned in all semesters divided by the total number of credits taken
  • Program GPA: This is the sum of the grade points earned in all the courses used to meet the graduation requirement of the program divided by the total number of credits taken towards meeting that requirement

The Term GPA and Cumulative GPA are reported on all transcripts and is a part of the official student record.  The Program GPA is not reported on the transcript and is not a part of the official student record.


Calculation of Grade Point Average

  1. For each course taken, the grade point value of the mark is multiplied by the credit value of that course.
  2. The total number of grade points is divided by the total number of credits to obtain the GPA.
  3. The GPA is calculated only on courses taken for credit.
  4. A course or grade may not be deleted from the permanent record. However, if the student repeats a course, only the highest grade is used in the calculation for overall GPA.

Note: Students who intend to transfer to another educational institution must realize that the other institution may recalculate the grade point average in accordance with its own policies. See Academic Performance policy.

The College recognizes outstanding academic achievement each semester. Students who complete a minimum of 9 credits in one semester and achieve a term GPA of 4.00 or better will be placed on the Dean's List.  The achievement will be noted on a student's Permanent Record (including the official transcript) and the student will receive a letter of congratulation from the College.

Students who complete a minimum of 9 credits in one semester and achieve a term GPA of 3.50 to 3.99 will be placed on the Honour Roll.  This achievement will be noted on the student's Permanent Record (including the official transcript).

Note: Dean's List and Honour Roll will only be applied if the student earns a GPA from the course work.  A student who takes a full semester of Mastery Graded courses (such as ELLA) may be excluded, as these courses do not count in a student's GPA.

Additional Note: The policy as described above is effective Summer 2021.  Official transcripts will always reflect the Academic Performance Policy that was in place at the time the student attended.

Transfer students should obtain information on the grading policies used at the institution to which they intend to transfer. Each institution has its own policy with respect to the method used to calculate the Grade Point Average when a failed course is repeated or when a course is repeated for higher standing. Other institutions do not necessarily include only the better grade in Grade Point Average calculations.

Similarly, transfer students should also make themselves familiar with the policies and procedures of receiving institutions regarding the transfer of W, UN and F grades and the effect on the Grade Point Average calculation used for admission of transfer students.

Transfer credit awarded by Ƶ is also reviewed by the receiving institution and some changes may be made according to the policy and procedure of the receiving institution. Students are responsible for initiating requests for incomplete grades and will contact their instructors to negotiate incomplete contracts after the ninth week of a semester-based class and before final grades are due in the semester. (Deadlines will be pro-rated for courses of shorter duration).

The ‘I’ grade allows students to defer course deadlines. It assists responsible students to carry out their commitments; it is not intended to encourage students to procrastinate. It is reasonable, therefore, to expect it to be used infrequently. Guidelines used are:

The following criteria are used by instructors in deciding whether to agree to a contract:

  1. Previous work in the course should have been at a reasonably satisfactory level,
    1. The student has been prevented from completing requirements by some unusual circumstance, such as beginning a project which turns out to be more time-consuming than anticipated, or
    2. An emergency situation such as illness or accident has prevented the student from completing one or more of the course requirements.
  2. Most students are expected to complete their I contracts within two to four weeks after they are made but instructors can allow up to four months from the date the grade is assigned.
  3. There is no limit to the number of I grades that a student may carry.
  4. I contracts must be submitted to Enrolment Services immediately after the course is graded.
  5. I grades do not satisfy prerequisite requirements.

Some courses are designated by the College as Mastery courses. These courses demand a clearly-defined high standard of performance. The student must demonstrate complete mastery of all knowledge and/or performance requirements. Because of their nature, they are not included in calculating the grade point average.

The College values academic integrity and honesty. Intellectual honesty is paramount to the functioning of any educational institution. The presentation of others' ideas, material or information as one's own, the unauthorized use on exams of material, aids, or other techniques which falsify academic work is unacceptable behaviour. Academic dishonesty will be treated as a serious offense against the College community. Discipline will range from a zero grade in the exam or assignment in which the offense occurred, to failure of the entire course, to suspension from the College, to expulsion from the College. The degree of discipline will depend on the severity of the situation and number of confirmed violations. 

For full details please refer to the Academic Integrity Policy.

Please review our Academic Probation webpage for full details

Students must check their for official confirmation of semester grades. 

Note: All obligations relating to fees, library books, rentals or borrowed equipment must be met before any statement of grades, transcript or diploma is released. Errors or omissions concerning grades should be reported immediately to Enrolment Services.

While infrequent, errors in grade calculation and reporting can occur and grades may be changed for a variety of reasons, up to one year from the date the grade is initially assigned. 

Students pursuing a Final Grade Appeal must submit all documentation by no later than ten (10) business days following the end of the term in which the grade was awarded. Students pursuing a Request for Exception must submit their documentation within thirty (30) calendar days following the end of the term in which the original educational decision was made.

A transcript is a summary of courses and grades for all semesters for which a student has registered. 

Official transcripts bear the official signature and College seal. Application for transcripts should be made in writing to Enrolment Services or through at least one week before they are required. There is a charge for this service (see Fee Schedule). Picture identification is required when picking up the transcripts. 

Since student records are confidential, an official transcript is issued only upon the student's request. No transcript is issued until satisfactory arrangements have been made with the College regarding outstanding debts, library books and College equipment.