Honorary Fellows

Ƶ awards an Honorary Fellow designation to recognize outstanding achievement or distinguished service by an individual on a community, provincial, national, or international scale. Honorary Fellows serve to inspire graduates and reflect the values of the College. One or more Honorary Fellow designations may be conferred at the February and June convocation ceremonies.

Karin Larsen Honorary Fellow

Karin Larsen
2024 (Summer)

CBC journalist and gold-medal Olympian named 2024 Honorary Fellow.


Meet Karin



Mebrat Beyene Honorary Fellow

Mebrat Beyene 
2024 (Winter)

Activist and vulnerable populations advocate Mebrat Beyene named 2024 Honorary Fellow.


Meet Mebrat



Marcus Youssef

Marcus Youssef

2023 (Summer)

Playwright named Ƶ’s 2023 Honorary Fellow.


Meet Marcus



Justin McElroy Honorary Fellow

Justin McElroy

2023 (Winter)

Local journalist named 2023 Honorary Fellow.


Meet Justin




Photo of Heather Mohan

Dr. Heather Mohan

2022 (Summer)

Doctor and Counsellor named 2022 Honorary Fellow.


Meet Heather



Lillian R. Howard joined thousands of people in the Vancouver Walk for Reconciliation

Lillian Howard

2022 (Winter)

Lillian Howard of the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nation named 2022 Honorary Fellow.


Meet Lillian



Rhonda Larrabee

Rhonda Larrabee

2021 (Summer)

Chief of Qayqayt First Nation Rhonda Larrabee named 2021 Honorary Fellow.


Meet Rhonda



Rick Hansen

Rick Hansen

2021 (Winter)

Paralympic medalist and Canadian icon Rick Hansen named 2021 Honorary Fellow.


Meet Rick



evelyn voyaguer

Evelyn Voyaguer

2020 (Winter)

Innovative educator and Indigenous health-care leader Dr. Evelyn Voyageur named Honorary Fellow in 2020.


Meet Evelyn


Dr Evan Adams

Evan Adams

2019 (Summer)

Indigenous health-care leader and award-winning actor Dr. Evan Adams received Ƶ's highest honour.


Meet Evan


robert thirsk

Robert Thirsk

2019 (Winter)

New West astronaut, physician, educator and space health-care leader Dr. Robert Thirsk is the 2019 Honorary Fellow




Sandy and Cathy Burpee Honorary Fellows

Sandy and Cathy Burpee

2018 (Summer)

The homeless and housing advocates' numerous achievements include building community support for a permanent shelter for persons without a home in the Tri-Cities in the face of aggressive opposition from surrounding neighbourhoods.

Meet Sandy and Cathy


Christoper Gaze Honorary Fellow

Christopher Gaze

2018 (Winter)

Ƶ is presenting its 2018 Honorary Fellow award to Bard on the Beach founder Christopher Gaze.




Dave Jones Honorary Fellow

Chief Dave Jones

2016 (Summer)

New Westminster Police Chief Dave Jones received Ƶ’s highest distinction for his tireless work and dedication to keeping the community safe.




elaine golds

Elaine Golds

2016 (Winter)

Ƶ presented its 2016 Honorary Fellow Award to environmental conservationist Dr. Elaine Golds.





Wally Oppal Honorary Fellow

Wally Oppal


For Wally Oppal, one of the most challenging roles of his career involved overseeing the provincial Missing Women Commission of Inquiry.



julio montaner

Julio Montaner


Ƶ is today awarding its highest distinction, honorary fellowship, to Dr. Julio Montaner, a renowned researcher and pioneer in the fight against HIV and AIDS.




peter legge

Peter Legge


Ƶ will award business and community leader Peter Legge with the College’s highest distinction today.





David Neima Honorary Fellow

David Neima


A New Westminster eye doctor who has provided free surgery and eyeglasses for thousands of needy people around the world has been selected as the recipient of Ƶ’s highest distinction.



bill hughes
tim agg

Bill Hughes and Tim Agg


Radio legend Bill Hughes and youth justice leader Tim Agg have been selected as the first-ever recipients of Ƶ's highest honour. 

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