Other payment options: Sponsorships

To pay your fees by sponsorship, your sponsor will need to write a letter of authorization and email it as an attachment to the Finance department at sponsoredstudent@douglascollege.ca at least 10 business days before your fee payment deadline.

The email must be submitted on the sponsor's letterhead and include the following information:

  • How long the sponsor is funding you. This time period is not to exceed the current academic year, which goes from September through to the end of August. If you are being funded for longer than that, your sponsor will need to send another email next year. 
  • What costs are being covered (example: tuition and/or books)
  • The specific dollar amount approved for costs
  • Invoice billing information and authorized signature

All enquiries should be directed to sponsoredstudent@douglascollege.ca

Information you need to know

  • If the letter of authorization is not received by the fee payment deadline and there are still outstanding tuition fees on your account, you will be de-registered from all courses and removed from all waitlists.
  • If your sponsor requires proof of registration (called a Verification of Enrollment letter), it is your responsibility to provide this to them. To print your Verification of Enrollment letter:
    • Log in to your  
    • Select Student Records > View/Print Documents & Letters
    • Select a term
    • Select the letter type (Verification of Enrolment with or without fees)
    • Click Print Letter
    • You can download the letter and save it as a pdf file, or print it. 
  • If you change courses or decide not to attend Ƶ, you are subject to the same penalties as other students when dropping courses. Failure to drop courses correctly may result in costs to the sponsor.
  • Once a sponsorship has been submitted prior to the fee payment deadline, you will not be de-registered or removed from waitlisted courses. If you do not drop courses correctly it will result in costs to the sponsor.
  • If you are approved for funding for books/supplies, the Finance Department will not provide a detailed summary of items purchased at the Bookstore.
  • It is the responsibility of the sponsoring agency to communicate to the Finance Department if a sponsorship has been cancelled. If this is not done, this may result in fees owed to Ƶ