Online banking & mobile banking app

Not sure how to pay your college fees online?

It's quick, safe and easy.

Making a bill payment is our easiest and most preferred method of payment. Simply use your online banking/mobile app: 

  1. Log in to your banking app or website
  2. Add "Ƶ" as a bill payee to make a bill payment
  3. Your account number is your 9 digit Ƶ student number
  4. You can confirm payment has been received under  > Registration > View and Pay Tuition Fees (this can take up to three days)


Pay in Advance

From the time you make the payment and the money leaves your bank account, it can take as long as three to four business days before we receive it. In order to avoid frustration and concern, simply use the bill payment option well in advance of the fee payment deadline!

Need Help?

If you require assistance with your online bank payment, please call your bank directly.