Browse Classes Tool

The Browse Classes Tool helps you see what a typical semester at Ƶwill look like. You can choose the semester you want to look at, as well as filter by Subject, Course Number, Campus, Open Sections, Instructional Method and more.

The information below will help you learn how to Browse Classes, as well as how to understand the information that is presented back.

  • Click on Browse Classes and select the Term* that you wish to view the schedule for.  
    *Credit students will use the terms Winter, Summer and Fall.  
    **Continuing Education (CE) students will use terms noted as CE 
    ***Assessment terms are for viewing only.  

  • Once the term has been selected, you have the option to search by Subject, Course Number, Campus*, Open Sections Only and Instructional Method.  
    *Ƶ has two main campuses: New Westminster Campus (including Anvil Centre) and Coquitlam Campus. Courses offered online will be listed as Off -Campus.

  • You have more options to search by clicking on Advanced Search.  
    Attribute: You can search by faculty and University Transferable courses 
    If you do not see the ‘Search’ button, expand you screen by clicking F11.  

Ƶ offers courses in several Instructional Methods:

In Person Day/Evening/Weekend - Course is offered in person and on campus at scheduled dates & times.  Courses will be at either the New Westminster or Coquitlam Campus. 

Online Synchronous Course - Course section has online activities that happen during the noted scheduled times. Instructors are delivering the course virtually, making use of the scheduled times for activities.  Courses will show dates and times to meet and will be listed as Off Campus. 

Online Asynchronous - All course activities, including tests/quizzes/midterms, do not have a scheduled time. The only exception may be a final exam, during the final exam period. Otherwise, students are not required to be online at any specific scheduled times.  Courses will not show dates and times and will be listed as Off Campus. 

Hybrid with Synchronous Online Components  - Course that has near equal proportions of online learning and face-to-face contact, with the online portion being delivered during a noted scheduled time.    

Hybrid with Asynchronous Online Components - Course that has near equal proportions of online learning and face-to-face contact, with the online portion not happening during noted scheduled time.  

The Browse Classes tool will show the following information: 

Course Reference Number (CRN):  A unique 5-digit code for each course used for registration 
Subject: A 4-letter code for each department (eg. Accounting = ACCT; Business = BUSN;) 
Course number: A unique 4-digit code for each course  
Section: Ƶ offers many courses at several different times during the week so students can find it easier to fit all their courses into their schedules. The different times that a course is offered are called sections. 
Title: The Title of the course  
Credits: The number of credits associated with the course 
Instructor: The Primary Instructor assigned to teach the class.  This instructor may change prior to the semester starting.  
If you click on the instructor’s name a pop-up box will appear with their contact information  
Meeting Times: This column expands to include the course days and times; type of course; building and room; and start/end dates for the course.  
Campus: The campus where this class will be held.  This will either be New Westminster Campus (including Anvil Centre), Coquitlam Campus or Off Campus. 
Status: The enrolment capacity of the course and the current number of seats remaining.   
If there is a waitlist for the course, the waitlist capacity - including the current number of waitlist seats remaining - will be displayed. 

Instructional Method: Ƶ offers courses in several Instructional Methods (In-Person, Online Synchronous, Only Asynchronous and more).
Please note that courses offered In-person may not display instructional methods on the search result under the Instructional Method column.

Linked Sections: Some courses (lectures) will have LAB or TUTORIAL section(s) linked to them. If a course has Lab or Tutorial section(s) linked to it, it will be noted in a minimum of one of the following three places: under Section Notes; the Status column and the Linked Sections column.  
Linked sections mean you must add both (lecture + lab OR lecture + tutorial) at the SAME TIME to successfully register.

For a registration step-by-step see Register for Classes.

To find pre-requisites using the Browse Classes tool, click on the Title of the Course. A pop-up box will appear and in the first section called Section Notes & Pre-reqs, there will be a direct link to the website for all the course details including the pre-requisites for the course. 

Pre-requisites can also be found in Explore Programs and Courses by selecting the course, you are interested in. 

Information on the UPASS program can be found on the website on the UPASS website page 

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