Student loans & grants

Only approved programs listed on the  page at Ƶ are eligible for student loan/grant funding. For all other programs, refer to the Tuition Fee page.

What are Loans and Grants?

  • Student loans and Grants are funded by the government. Loans will need to be repaid after your study period ends. However, grants do not need to be paid back. Both the student loans and grants are provided based on your .

When to apply?

  • You can apply for a loan before you are admitted to a program or registered in classes. Apply at least 2 months before the start of classes. You must apply for funding every semester. Loan applications are processed within 6 weeks.

How to apply?

  • You are automatically assessed for grants when you apply for a student loan and if you qualify, you will be advised with your loan approval.

Check Loans and Grants process for more information on how to apply.

More Questions? See our FINANCIAL AID FAQS

If you are receiving funding from Ƶ or Student Funding you may qualify for a fee deferral

StudentAid BC has created a series of YouTube videos to help students learn about the student financial assistance journey from start to finish. See the links to these videos below. 



Visit the StudentAid.bc regarding the following topics:


You can find information on how to maintain your loan.

  • Your loan responsibilities
  • Maintain interest-free status


Repayment of your loan will begin 6 months after your study period end date.