Academic Advising and Financial Planning Services

Early Closure Notice

Enrolment Services will close at 2:15pm on Friday, July 12, and reopen at 9am on Monday, July 15.

Who is a Student Success Advisor (SSA)?

A Student Success Advisor is someone you can go to for academic support and financial planning throughout your time at Ƶ. Students will be assigned an SSA once they begin their first semester classes*. Students can visit myAccount and click on the Student Success Advisor link on the main menu to view their Student Success Advisor's name and email address. If you are a new student and preparing to register for your first semester courses, contact Enrolment Services via a webform.

* New international students will be assigned to an SSA after Week 4 of their first semester. Until assigned, they can email for assistance.  

An SSA can help you with a variety of academic and financial areas, which include the following:



University transfer

*Due to the complex nature of university transfers, we strongly encourage you to confirm course selections with the receiving institution. Ƶ Student Success Advisors cannot be held responsible for confirmation of course transferability to receiving institutions.

About our services

While we would love to help you with everything, we cannot choose your program or your courses for you. Picking a program and selecting courses is something that we can guide you on by providing you with tools and information. We can help you explore the field or area you would like to work in, what interests you, and your strengths. If you want to learn more about a discipline, attend an information session or contact the department for further insight. You can also consider speaking with a career counsellor – a free service for our students – or visiting our Career Centre.