Prenatal & perinatal classes for parents

Are you an expecting or new parent? Ƶ offers a variety of classes to support you during this exciting and challenging stage of life. Our prenatal classes for parents help prepare you for labour, birth, and early parenthood, while perinatal classes for parents cover topics including baby massage, sleep education and breastfeeding/chestfeeding support.

Prenatal and newborn care classes (online or in-person)

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We offer both in-person and live online prenatal classes to suit your needs and all classes include bonus material, resources and videos on our Blackboard platform.

Classes are interactive and include lots of activities. Topics include, late pregnancy challenges, hands-on comfort and massage techniques for labour, medical procedures and decision-making, cesarean birth, breastfeeding/chestfeeding, the immediate postpartum and postpartum adjustments, newborn care and early parenting decisions. 

A special emphasis is placed on the partner/support person's role in birth and parenting as you prepare to provide a safe and nurturing environment that will support your baby's physical and emotional development. 

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Infant Sleep Education for Parents

Taught and developed by a certified sleep consultant, Infant Sleep Education for Parents will help you to understand and effectively respond to your baby during the different stages of infant development. This is not a baby sleep training course but rather a way to help you develop strategies to support your infant.

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