Equity, Diversity And Inclusion Initiatives

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Learning Series for all employees and faculty. (Completed Fall 2022)
  • EDI Steering Committee to provide guidance on the EDI Strategic Plan. (Created October 2022) 
  • Gender Inclusive Washrooms – We respect people's right to choose the washroom that is most appropriate for them. (Completed Summer 2022)
  • An Equity in Hiring statement to promote the recruitment of people from groups that are experiencing inequity. (Completed May 2022)
  • Free Menstrual Products - Free menstruation products are available in all our washrooms. (Completed March 2022)
  • Indigenization Initiatives - An Indigenization strategy was developed in June 2019, outlining three broad objectives and eight subsidiary ones. These objectives have now been broken out into four initiatives that are included in the Ƶ 2020-2025 strategic plan.
  • Partnered with the an organization that focuses on practical sustainable solutions to help Ƶ move towards true inclusion. (Partnership started November 2014)

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