Carol Stoppel

Carol Stoppel

Are you thinking about pursuing a career opportunity at Ƶ? Hear from one of our current employees, Carol Stoppel, who works as a Community Relations Supervisor in the Marketing & Communications department discussing why she loves working here!

Why I LOVE what I DO:

One of the reasons I enjoy my job so much is that every day is a bit different. The majority of my time is spent thinking creatively: brainstorming concepts, planning future events or evaluating past events. We start with an event proposal, and once approved, we begin to build an extensive plan.

Favourite Thing About My Job:

Talking to people and hearing their stories. Whether it’s students, colleagues or external community members, I love talking to people and learning how they connect to whatever it is we’re doing.

Did You Know?

Along with all the internal events we host for employees and students, the Ƶevents team also participates in many community events, including Recovery Day, Canada Day, and several Pride festivals. Ƶstaff and students volunteer their time to prep for the events and attend as DC representatives. At our booths, we interact with guests, give away prizes and swag, connect with DC alumni and provide information on Ƶprograms and initiatives. We have another exciting year of events planned, so if you see us out in the community, please stop by and say hi!