Employee stories

Carol Stoppel

Carol Stoppel, Community Relations Supervisor

"One of the reasons I enjoy my job so much is that every day is a bit different.”

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John Doherty

John Doherty, Manager, Facilities Services

“My two main inspirations to work at Ƶare working with the amazing team in Facilities Services every day and being able to work at such an inclusive, forward-thinking institution.”

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Jennifer Kirkey

Jennifer Kirkey, Instructor

“I love to work at Ƶbecause I get to do what interests me”

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Brian McLennon

Brian McLennon, Associate Director, Athletics

“Ƶ provides me with an opportunity to develop my leadership skills and abilities by creating a space and an environment that encourages personal and professional growth”

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John Kinsley

John Kinsley, Supervisor, Future Students' Office

“I’m empowered in my role to take initiatives within the office as well as the broader community…”

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Manjit Mandher

Manjit Mandher, Administrative Officer

“My department, Student Affairs and Services, provides support to students and equips them to reach their full education potential. If I can contribute in the smallest way to make their College experience a positive one, I know I have done my job.”

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Aaron Johannes

Aaron Johannes, Instructor

“I really love looking around my classrooms at how different everyone is and thinking about what we all offer to each other and creating opportunities where that happens.”

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