President's Office

Kathy Denton Headshot

Dr. Kathy Denton, President and CEO of Ƶ, obtained her PhD in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario, and is a postdoctoral Fellow of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Dr. Denton has worked at Ƶsince 1993, first as a faculty member, then in a sequence of administrative positions: Chair of Psychology, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Vice President Academic and Provost.

As VP Academic and Provost, Dr. Denton was responsible for all educational programs at the College, as well as the professional development and research activities that enable faculty to stay current and engaged. Her responsibilities also included external partnerships related to educational programs and research activities.

Dr. Denton played a key role in developing and implementing an innovative degree partnership program with SFU and for introducing the foundation year at Douglas—a flexible program that enables students to explore their interests before making a commitment to a specific area of study. These and other initiatives reflect her commitment to student mobility, flexible curriculum, and system-wide planning and cooperation.

Although Dr. Denton has spent most of her career in administrative roles, she has continued to stay active in research. She is interested in social processes that support people’s misrepresentations of themselves, including their failures, personal limitations, and moral transgressions.