President's Office and Strategic Planning

The President's Office is responsible for the day-to-day leadership and management of the College, including strategic planning to identify goals and activities for the coming years.

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College Board

The Ƶ Board acts on behalf of the public and oversees the affairs of the institution, including property, revenue and expenditures. The Board focuses on policy and strategic leadership rather than administrative detail, developing and maintaining a clear distinction between Board and presidential roles.

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Ƶ provides an equitable environment for students and employees. Policies maintained here are divided into three categories: Administration, Board and Educational.

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Vice-President's Academic Council

The Vice President's Academic Council (VPAC) is the College's academic administration body consisting of the Vice President, Academic and Provost and the six Deans. VPAC carries out the collective responsibilities of the above officers and their respective areas in accordance with the responsibility and accountability delegated by the College Board through the President. Meetings are typically held every second Wednesday from September to June

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Education Council

The Education Council at Ƶ is responsible for developing Educational Policies that reflect the Education Council mandate in the College and Institute Act. Education Council is composed of 20 voting representatives including 10 faculty, four students, two staff and four administrators. The College President, a College Board member and the College Registrar attend Education Council meetings but do not vote. 

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Records Management

Ƶ recognizes that records created, or received, and maintained by the College contain information essential to the organization's mission, long-term goals, and ongoing operations.

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