Violent intruder

Learn how to be prepared in the case of a violent intruder.


  • If you feel you are able to leave the building upon the first indication of a violent intruder, do so
  • If safe to do so, help others to escape with you
  • Leave the building and put as much distance between you and the danger as possible. When safe to do so, call 9-1-1 to provide police with any information you have

 LOCKDOWN if unable to escape  

  • Stay in or quickly go to the nearest office, room, field-base, classroom or lab
  • Quickly warn others nearby
  • Immediately lock and barricade all doors
  • If safe to do so, close and lock windows, close blinds/cover windows
  • If safe to do so, turn off lights and audio equipment
  • Move away from doors and windows and stay low
  • Silence your cell phone, including vibrate mode, or turn it off
  • Quickly collect improvised weapons and make a plan of attack in case you need it
  • Stay quiet and try to remain calm, maintain a survivor mindset 
  • Stay in your secure place until advised by Police/College Authorities that it is safe to leave


Fight for your life.  If this is the only option open to you, you must commit fully and aggressively to incapacitate the assailant.  Consider items around you as weapons of opportunity to fight with. 

  • Scream, scatter, throw items at the intruder to create chaos and distraction  
  • Work with the people around you to ambush and overpower the intruder
  • Use improvised weapons, like scissors, furniture, fire extinguishers, and keys


Will be broadcast through DC Alerts messages (text, e-mail), posted on the College website , College email and the College Emergency InfoLine 1-877-679-0823


Law enforcement’s first priority is to take the violent intruder into custody.  Follow police instructions and keep your hands visible and empty.

If you come across a suspicious individual, note a detailed description and make a report to security. 

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