Scent awareness on campus

Exposure to perfumes, colognes and other scented products can trigger serious health reactions in individuals with asthma, allergies, migraines and chemical sensitivities. Please review the Occupational Health & Safety Reference Guide "Towards a Scent Aware Environment" to learn more about this topic and what each of us can do. 

Fragrances are found in a wide range of products. Common scented products include perfume, cologne, aftershave, hairspray, body spray, makeup and powders. Examples of other products with added scents include air fresheners, fabric softeners, laundry detergents, cleaners, carpet deodorizers, facial tissues, and candles.

It is a personal choice to use fragrances; however, fragrance chemicals are, by their very nature, shared.

The Occupational Health and Safety Committee requests your voluntary cooperation towards a scent-reduced environment. Everyone at Ƶ is encouraged to avoid the use of strongly fragranced products, and to replace them with unscented alternatives. This is a request to voluntarily refrain from, or reduce the use of, chemical-based scented products, not a ban on scented products.