Crime prevention

Protect yourself and your property. Laptops, purses/wallets and cell phones, for example, can disappear in seconds if left unattended. Each year Campus Security is alerted to incidents of crime on campus including theft from vehicles, theft of College and personal computer/electronic equipment and theft of personal valuables.

College buildings are public, open and accessible and security needs you to serve as our eyes and ears. Be alert to activities and behaviours that are out of the ordinary in your area. 

Workplace crime prevention tips:

  • Lock and secure your desk and office when you’re away.
  • Keep small valuables secured.
  • Don’t bring large sums of cash to campus.
  • When you’re away from your work area, let a coworker know your departure and expected return times, if possible.
  • Do not loan anyone your College keys or access card.
  • Report suspicious individuals or suspicious activity to security.
  • If someone is claiming to be a service or trades/repair person and does not have contractor ID, call security to confirm.
  • When working at night, keep all doors between you and the public locked.
  • Establish a “code” word/phrase in your department that is distinct and everyone understands is a flag for them to call security at 2400.

 Security contact numbers

Security - Emergencies Only Local 2400 (from an internal campus phone)
Security - Non-emergencies or if calling from a cell phone New Westminster 604 527 5405
Coquitlam 604 777 6254
Anvil Office Tower
604 777 6666
Surrey Training Centre 604 218 8902