Campus Security Services

To ensure the safety of employees, students and contractors, trained Paladin security officers are on duty at the above noted Ƶ campuses and provide the following services:

  • Authorized access to campus facilities
  • Monitor and respond to all on-campus fire, intrusion and mechanical alarms
  • Investigate complaints, suspicious or disruptive persons, crimes in progress, criminal events
  • Monitor Safety and Security Camera Systems on campus
  • Lost and Found Click Link
  • Parking enforcement
  • SaferWalk
  • Special event security coverage when pre-arranged
  • Document complaints received by the Campus Community
  • Provide Incident Reports to Director, Safety, Security and Risk Management
  • Information kiosk

If this is an Emergency, call 911 first, then call Campus Security.

Campus Security information

Ƶ Anvil Office Tower Security

604 777 6666

Coquitlam Security Kiosk

604 777 6254

New Westminster Security Kiosk

604 527 5405

Surrey Training Centre

604 218 8902


Ƶ offers a SaferWalk program for students and employees to the New Westminster SkyTrain station and the Lafarge Lake-ƵStation. In addition to the SaferWalk program, security provides escorts to the parkade and surface parking lots at any time during campus hours. To request a SaferWalk, please call campus security, or go to the security kiosk on campus.

Special Event Security Coverage

Requests for security guards for special events, departmental activities, investigation interviews or other special requirements must be pre-arranged through Campus Security Operations.

Contact Information

For more information, please email: