A Shelter-in place is an emergency procedure where college authorities may urge occupants to remain inside due to a hazard outside of the campus building. Typically, this procedure is activated by college authorities but can also be activated upon the recommendation local authorities. For some hazards it may be necessary to remain inside the building for an extended period of time, meaning it will be invaluable to dress appropriately to the weather conditions and being prepared by carrying personal necessities (i.e. medication).

During air quality concerns, security may conduct access controls to the main entrances of the college to ensure that poor quality air does not seep into the building. Additionally, Facilities is able to shut off the exterior air intakes that brings air from outside into the building.

What might trigger a Shelter-in-place procedure?

  • A significant impact to air quality due to the accidental release of chemical, biological, or hazardous agents
  • Severe weather (snow, wind, lightening) that impacts roadways due to high levels of debris and downed power lines
  • A major earthquake that causes unsafe evacuation conditions

What to Do During a Shelter-in-place?

Depending on the nature of the hazard, you may be advised to:

  • Seal exterior windows in your place of shelter
  • The outside air intake or HVAC system may be turned off
  • Listen and be aware of potential hazards including unusual sounds and smells
  • Keep calm and stay updated
  • Remain in the secure location until additional information is provided by emergency personnel

Communicating a Shelter-in-place

A Shelter-in-place alert may be issued through our public alert announcement system, DC Alerts (text, email, voice messaging), campus security, or a campus administrator. An “All Clear” message will be issued by these same methods when the situation is resolved.

Information will be broadcast through DC Alerts (text/SMS, voice message, e-mail), posted on the College website, email and press releases.

Information will be available on the College Info Line: 1-877-679-0823.

If you are approached by the media, refer all Ƶ related media questions to the Vice President, External Relations and Advancement.