Business continuity planning

One of the responsibilities that falls under Emergency Management is developing, maintaining, exercising, and implementing the Business Continuity plans for Ƶ. These plans allow the ability for Ƶ departments to maintain essential critical functions in the event of a small or large scale crisis/disaster.  They detail the events that will take place to support recovery of essential business processes caused by an interruption to normal college operations. Living on the Cascadia subduction zone, it is a very real possibility that a large-scale disaster event can occur along with a number of different scenarios or events that can affect the Greater Vancouver Region.

​Earthquakes, severe weather, wild fires, pandemics, cyber threats, an active shooter event, civil unrest are a few examples of some of these scenarios. The event does not necessarily need to be localized to the Greater Vancouver Region due to our International field schools that take place all over the world.