Crime & violence prevention

Crimes such as theft, vandalism, or assault could occur in the building or on the property. Do not approach or interfere with the perpetrator except to protect yourself. Observe as much as you can from a safe distance.

Call security immediately at 2400 (from an internal phone) or if you are working at a location without on-site security, call the police. 

From a cell phone: 604 527 5405 (NWC) 604 777 5424 (COQ)

Crime prevention

Keep a pencil and paper close to the phone while keeping your work area tidy and make sure to report any suspicious objects or missing items immediately. Report suspicious people to security and be ready to give a detailed description.

If you are alone in your area, keep doors locked, inform security of your location and your intended leaving time. Lock your car and do not leave your valuables on display. Late at night or at weekends, have someone accompany you to your car and check the backseat before entering.

If requested, security will escort anyone to their vehicle in the Parkade at the New Westminster or Coquitlam campus. The non-emergency Security number is 5405 (NWC) and 6254 (COQ).

Review the Guide to Office Security & Safety for more security tips and information.

Violence prevention

If you are victim of violence or see someone else being attacked, call campus security immediately. Security or your supervisor will take immediate action.

Any act of violence or threatening behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The College will promote working and learning conditions intended to eliminate the potential for incidents of violence on campus.

For more information please refer to College policies:

  • A10.01.05 Violence Prevention Involving College Employees
  • A10.01.06 Violence Prevention Involving Students/Users

Review this brochure for more information about safety and security on campus.