New Westminster campus mural

The mural at the New Westminster Campus, titled “Raven Figures,” was created in October 2020 to commemorate Douglas’s 50th anniversary. Located on the south wall of the concourse, the mural was designed and painted by Coast Salish artist , who also designed Ƶ’s coat of arms.

Mural Jerald Walliser
Mural Jerald Walliser

Artist’s statement

“A raven figure in Coast Salish design style holds a book and stands in contemplation. Many ideas, concepts and realities of a learning environment appear in the blue that bursts from the raven. These concepts are a combination of the mind of the raven and the new knowledge acquired through their book (education).

The rainbow of colours used reflects the colours found in the iridescence of a raven’s feather. Bright and bold colours mix to form triangles that tessellate from the feet of the figure in an upward motion, further enhancing the idea that knowledge is bursting from the figure, who is rooted in the earth while looking out into the world.

The overall style of the piece is a combination of positive and negative interfacing, and low polygon or geometric shapes. Triangles have a deep significance in Coast Salish design and culture, and have been incorporated throughout the piece.”

-Carrielynn Victor

About the artist

Jerald Walliser

Carrielynn Victor is an artist of Coast Salish, Scottish, Irish and Welsh ancestry. Her first venture into mural painting was in high school, where she took over a hallway for a large-scale art project. She also works in pen, ink, watercolour, acrylic and digital mediums. She has explored arts in the form of theatre, hip-hop and blues performance and songwriting, along with traditional Salish song and dance. Carrielynn also works in the field of environmental consulting, connecting and promoting ecological and cultural values.

Mural Hyper-Lapse Video