Our bookable venues and their maximum capacity

For College sponsored events only

These facilities are available for College sponsored events only:

  • NW Upper Cafeteria (315)
  • NW Lower Cafeteria/Grill (130)
  • NW Concourse (dependent on your event)
  • DLC Atrium (220)

For all events

  • NW Aboriginal Gathering Room (59)
  • Laura C. Muir Performing Arts Theatre (350)
  • NW Gym (800)
  • Classrooms (20-60)
  • Lecture Theatres (80-150)


Before you book your location, there are a few questions worth considering

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  • Which venues are available on the dates and times you need?
  • How many people will be attending and what is the seating capacity?
  • Do you need a sound system or other audio/visual support and is there a fee to use it?
  • Can the location accommodate the equipment you need?
  • Are there any contractual requirements that need to be met?
    • Example: a donor wants to have their event in the classroom they are naming.
  • Can you serve food and alcohol?
  • Will you be encroaching on space used by students?
  • Will the noise from your event impact classes?
  • If the event is outside will you be able to move to an inside location if the weather changes?
  • Can the room accommodate persons with disabilities?
  • Is parking available for guests?

When setting up your space, figure out

  • How should the room be configured?
  • If you have a stage can the entire audience see it from their seat?
  • Is there a podium?
  • What space is available for catering?
  • If you have a table for food, can it be located to ensure the greatest amount of traffic flow?
  • Is there space for your guests to mingle and talk to each other?
  • Do you need a reception table or table for other things such as silent auctions?
  • Is there enough space between the chairs? (This can be a concern if the event is a dinner and guests need room to get up from the table.)
  • Will you need to decorate the room with plants, flowers, a stage backdrop or lighting?
  • Are keys needed or will the room be unlocked?

Some logistical items you should consider

Ƶ Events Theatre

To ensure your area is properly set up, please send an email to Facilities Services: New Westminster and Coquitlam.

It may be useful to attach a diagram of your room setup.

You can book AV equipment from the Library.