Fundraising activities at the College support students and help charitable organizations.

ƵEvents Fundraising staff

Fundraising or marketing events – such as a bake sale - require approval from the College Foundation as well as the appropriate Dean/Director prior to booking the event. This is to ensure events do not overlap or compete with other initiatives.

Once the approval is obtained, submit a request for space utilization and table set up in the concourse and/or atriums via email through Facilities Services at and

Making it happen

  • 30 days prior to the event:
    • review the requirements for serving food (below)
    • submit your request for booking space/venue ie: concourse/atrium to Facilities Services/Room Bookings office at the appropriate campus, along with the following:
      • List of food items (see below)
      • Copy of approval from the College Foundation on the fund raising part of the event
  • The application will be reviewed by the Manager, Facilities Services in conjunction with our Food Services provider (Chartwells).

Requirements for Serving Food

ƵEvents Fundraising
  1. No food preparation or cooking is permitted on site.
  2. Only single service (disposable) dishes and cutlery are to be used.
  3. All food must be produced in a sanitary kitchen.
  4. A sign "MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS" must be displayed at the serving location that the food
  5. Only food handlers are permitted to dispense food items (no self service). Food handlers must wash their hands prior to dispensing food. Hand sanitizer must be available at the food dispensing station for food handlers and patrons.
  6. Food and utensils must be protected from contamination at all times. Food must be dispensed in a safe and sanitary manner. The use of tongs to handle food is advised.
  7. Only ‘low risk’ foods are permitted to be served. See below list of ‘low risk’ foods that may be served.
  8. Food handlers must practice good personal hygiene, wear clean garments, and refrain from smoking during the event.
  9. Covered, lined, garbage containers must be available.

Low Risk Foods that can be served at Ƶ

The following list contains examples of lower risk foods that may be acceptable for home preparation and sale at Ƶ. Individually wrapped foods are preferred to preclude contamination:

  • Brownies
  • Bread and buns (no dairy or cheese fillings)
  • Butter tarts
  • Fruit bread (no dairy)
  • Pies (fruit filled only, no cream filled or cream based)
  • Cakes (icing sugar only, no dairy or synthetic whipped cream)
  • Dry cereal products
  • Cinnamon buns (sugar icing only)
  • Cookies
  • Muffins (no dairy fillings)
  • Popcorn

For further information on acceptable low risk foods please consult the attached link from Fraser Health. Any food that is not on the list cannot be served.

The following list of high risk foods cannot be served as per Fraser Health.


All advertising on campus is subject to the Advertising and Promotional Activities on College Property Policy. The policy includes events, publicity, distribution and posting of materials within the concourse atrium.

Posters are not permitted to be displayed within 15 feet of campus food service operations nor on vending machines.

A poster including the name of your group and what you are fundraising for should be visible to customers at your table.

Health & Safety

  • All foods will be individually wrapped to preclude contamination.
  • All foods offered for sale must be low-risk baked goods and include no cheese or dairy fillings.
  • An Allergy Warning will be posted at the table stating: "These baked goods may contain nuts or traces of nuts"
  • Individuals organizing and/or supplying items for the bake sale will be provided with a copy of the Fraser Health Guidelines for the Sale of Lower Risk Foods by Facilities staff and are requested to remain in compliance with the guidelines.

Set Up

A maximum of 2 tables, 4 chairs and 1 rolling bulletin board will be provided. At the Coquitlam Campus, bake sales will be set up only along the north wall of the C/D Atrium or the west wall of the A/B Atrium. Concurrent bake sales are not permitted.


Please do not solicit customers approaching or lining up for campus food service operations.