Contractor information

Below are several resources for any contractors working at the College.

Hazardous Materials Inventory System

To access the most recent information on hazardous building materials on any college-owned properties, please contact our Facilities teams:

For the New Westminster campus, contact:

For the Coquitlam campus, contact:


Contractor Safety Manual

Please click to download our Contractor Safety Manual, which includes general college information, contractor responsibilities, specific information pertaining to working in various parts of the college, and forms required to submit throughout the course or work, as needed.

Contractor Safety - Info for Contractors - Ƶ - 20221215

Confined space

Please find maps of identified confined space areas at the Coquitlam (map and list) and New Westminster (map and list) campuses.

If there are any questions

Please contact Geoffrey Lenahan, Project Coordinator, at
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