808 Royal

Ƶ is constructing a new, modern academic building that includes our first-ever student housing. This 20-storey project will expand the vibrant college community and be located across the street from the current New Westminster Campus at Eighth Street and Royal Avenue.

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February 29, 2024

August 23, 2022

Ƶ to build first-ever student housing and new academic building

The building includes nine storeys of student housing featuring 368 student beds and 11 storeys of academic space including classrooms, labs, offices, collaboration spaces, and food services. 

808 Royal is the culmination of years of internal collaboration and consultation with our community partners. This unique building meets the academic and housing needs of the College’s growing student population, supports the City of New Westminster Official Community Plan and will integrate seamlessly into the surrounding community. 

We know housing on campus is more than just a place to sleep and study; it’s a place to build community, feel connected and be supported while balancing academics, work and life. 

Project benefits

Introduces 368 targeted student beds to the local community.

Ƶ has grown steadily and significantly over the years, pushing campus facilities beyond capacity, with current capacity at the New Westminster campus at 142%.

The project is designed to address climate change by using innovative construction methods to reduce carbon footprint. The building will be heated and cooled without fossil fuels, and will have zero carbon status.

The building has been designed to minimize impact on the surrounding community including consideration for shadowing, maintaining views and protecting the privacy of neighbours, while tying into the feeling and ambiance of downtown New Westminster.

Just steps away from the New Westminster SkyTrain station, the building also connects to the new 1.2-kilometre Agnes Greenway, to support walking, wheeling, and cycling in the city. The new plaza on the corner of Agnes and Eighth Streets is perfectly located as a resting point for the high number of people walking up the slope along Eighth Street towards Royal Avenue.

808 Royal will provide 11 storeys of academic space including classrooms, student study space, labs and offices. It will house the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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